Lambert & fils / Laubova project



Project by: Studio SMLXL - arch. Klára Valová, arch.Eva Mohylová

Photo credits: KIVA PHOTO

Visualization: Firla-visual

Interior powered by: Monobrand, Prague

Showcasing Clark collection’s pendant and table lamps by Lambert & Fils

01 Laubova project Lambertetfils pendant02 Laubova project Lambertetfils pendant

Architecture studio SMLXL led by Klara Valova has recently completed a reconstruction and interior design project of a large apartment. The interior is conceived as a modern space in monochromatic scale. Completed with interesting and retro details, textiles and finishings, this apartment fulfills all requirements of modern life and good taste.

03 Laubova project Lambertetfils pendant04 Laubova project Lambertetfils pendant

Among pieces that created the character of space, lamps from Lambert & Fils studio's Clark collection were used - pendant lamps mounted above the kitchen island and a table lamp in the working area.

05 Laubova project Lambertetfils table lamp

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