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Missoni Home collections for 2020 are all inspired by nature, vivid in its graphics and color codes, contemporary and oriented toward past at the same time. The collections are versatile and adjustable to any surrounding, any season and create a stunning atmosphere of playful moods and decors.

In 2020, Missoni Home offers several decor collections:

DAYDREAM - Abstract vivacity, floral and iconic. Bright tones, fresh, light reflecting or softened.

MAGIC GARDEN - The magic of coolness is discovered in the shady side of neutral tones.

TERRE - The mood is a play of encounters of earth-water-mud and mirrors of light.

DOLOMITI – Hiding between wood and stones, mimicry and textural effects blend discreetly, the colours are inspired by bark, lichens, pine cones and roots.

SHADED STRIPES - The lights of dawn and dusk, rekindle and awaken memories. The house is a stage where the furniture acquires a surreal charm and cosy seats become paintings, just a touch in proportion to the space.

MODERN ICONIC - Contrasted and supported by a palette of black&white; graphic patterns, sketches and dashes interlay in full and vivid colours alongside drawings in 3D relief with emphasised perspectives.

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