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Dorval collection

Dorval collection

The Dorval collection is designed by SCMP DESIGN OFFICE (Paris) and produced by Lambert & Fils. It is a lighting collection layered in history, a subtle interplay between contemporary and vintage industrial design. The inspiration was drawn from airport runway lights and the essential qualities of a chandelier, so the result is a light both confrontational and intriguing—one which poses an immediate invitation to play. Lamps are available in aluminum, black, light blue and white finishings, while the lights can be dimmed to warm and neutral lights.

The Dorval lighting family consists of several members:

DORVAL SUSPENSION - with four heads that can be independently rotated and positined in many different ways to create desired light atmosphere.

LINEAR SUSPENSION, FLOOR, WALL AND TABLE LAMP – new models, offered in two additional colours - beige and midnight blue. While maintaining recognizable industrial spirit, they are all versatile and suitable both for domestic and office interiors.




Hutchinson collection

Hutchinson pendant lamp by Lambert & Fils studio presents subtle synergy of curves inspired by Middle East archways and Roman terracotta roofs, and modern strong flat lines. Lamp is available as single or multiple pendant, and is perfect for modern office interiors. Finish is available in colors: beige, black, terracotta and white.



Laurent collection

Laurent collection contains several lamps created as variations of relation between circle and sphere. These lamps can be combined in different patterns, offering each space an elegant and regular, yet almost sculptural strength. The lamps are created out of white globes and thin metal sheet in several color combinations with cord: black / black, blue / blue, brass / black, burgundy / burgundy, nickel / blue, turquoise / beige.



Mile collection

Mile collection, created in collaboration between Lambert & Fils and designer Guillaume Sasseville, consists of linear suspension lamps, pared in asymmetrical way, like two lines floating in surprising equilibrium. The lamp contains both direct and indirect LED lights positioned in 90° angled structure.

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