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For 2020, BROKIS has prepared several new lights and also refreshed its existing collections.
In addition to investing substantial effort into improving its customer service, the brand is ready to participate in a number of important design shows this year.

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For the very first time, BROKIS is introducing OUTDOOR lights, which comprise special outdoor modifications to two of its existing
collections – NIGHT BIRDS and SHADOWS – as well as BONBORI, an entirely new outdoor collection by Japanese designer Fumie Shibata,
which will debut at this year’s Light Building. Also at Light Building, BROKIS art director Lucie Koldova will be presenting an exciting new project lighting concept called SPHERA,
and on invitation by BROKIS, the design studio Vrtiška&Žák has created PLANETS, a new collection that will also debut in Frankfurt.
GEOMETRIC – an exceptional light combining a unique design with sustainably produced material BROKISGLASS. Geometric was designed by Boris Klimek together with Lenka Damová.

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Options in the KNOTS collection by Chiaramonte Marin Design Studio have been expanded with a new glass variant featuring a matte finish on the inner surface – an interesting design
touch that also simplifies maintenance. MONA has received a new metal endcap, and the MONA S L pendent lights feature new connectors, which have already been implemented in Capsula, Puro,
and other collections. Thanks to this upgrade, the metal endcap can be ordered with a silver or black anodized finish or with a white matte
komaxit finish. Replacing the wood with metal has also resulted in a reduction of the temperature of the LED light source, which in turn means a longer lifespan.

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The special edition is called MUFFINS 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and it was designed by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet. The public had its first opportunity to see this important new collection
firsthand when it was unveiled at Maison&Objet in Paris. The special anniversary edition combines exotic woods, such as wenge and rosewood
(other woods will be available in an optional high-gloss finish, with marble and glass of various colours. The special edition applies to Muffins 01 (PC849) and Muffins 02 (PC850) only.


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This year, BROKIS will be participating in four important design shows:

Light Building
8–13 March 2020 / Frankfurt am Main

Design Shanghai
26–29 May 2020 / Shanghai

27–31 October 2020 / Frankfurt am Main

Downtown Design Dubai
10–13 November 2020 / Dubai

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From the beginning of the year, BROKIS has been implementing new software designed to allow the brand to provide its clients with enhanced customer service.
Throughout the year, we’ll be introducing these new improvements to you in the private section of MY BROKIS.



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