Brokis / Knot battery

Brokis / Knot battery

The Knot collection by Chiaramonte Marin for 
also boasts an important new light – Knot Battery! Just pick it up and put it wherever you need a little mood lighting! 


The LED light source is cradled in a handsome bottom piece, which, like the cord end cap, is fashioned from refined metal. Knot Table Battery is IP44 compliant for outdoor use, thus its charm is not confined to only the interior. Charging is by means of a convenient magnetic connector in the lower part of the light.
Knot Table Battery is a sophisticated and flexible light that provides up to six hours of use on a single charge, which makes it ideal not only for lighting outdoor spaces but also enhancing existing lighting. Thanks to its portability, Knot Table Battery is well suited to daily use and for adding a special touch to social events.


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