Brokis / Puro Floor

Brokis / Puro Floor


The battery-powered lights are not the only new products BROKIS is coming out with. The brand is also devoting considerable resources to the continued development and innovation of some its existing collections, such as the Puro family of lights and the introduction of Puro Floor by designer Lucie Koldova, an exciting new floor light that easily becomes one of the most prominent features in any setting.

Puro Floor  is the latest addition to the Puro family, expanding an already extensive range of interior lighting possibilities. The Puro family is a boldly minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendent lights. Inspiration for the collection and its name come from the Spanish word for “cigar”, which also means “pure” and is a reference to the composition’s clean lines.

Puro Floor is available in two sizes in matte opal or smoke grey glass, and the light tubes can be combined in different colours. The diffused glow of the tubes elicits a dynamic ambience, while the matte finish provides an element of subtle provocation. With their elegant minimalist lines and the option of combining tubes of different colours, Puro Floor represent an intriguing lighting element for residential projects, grandiose shopping spaces, and hotels and restaurants.  

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