Brokis / Urban jungle

Brokis / Urban jungle

 Nature and its life-giving beauty and strength are the inspiration behind the unique lighting concept called IVY. Just as the plant grows and climbs up the wall of a house, so too can IVY expand into a variety of compositions. IVY features a special system of modular components for a highly innovative take on decorative lighting in both vertical and horizontal installations.   

The collection comprises metal components in combination with handblown glass. Branches come in six basic sizes, while there are three sizes of shades in matte light pink, triplex opal or smoke grey glass. The collection also offers an impressive floor light and an intimate table light. Elegant and precise in craftsmanship all the way down to the smallest detail, IVY is a high-tech lighting concept ideally suited to project and residential applications. In household settings, for example, a single graceful branch can be hung above a dining table, or multiple branches can be used to create a curtain of light. The organic IVY collection has many forms and rightfully holds its place in the realm of artistic, bespoke lighting solutions. 

And what collections specifically does the IVY family comprise?  

IVY Vertical offers remarkable variability in creating extraordinary interior lighting installations. 


IVY Horizontal is an innovative lighting system that offers unique possibilities in interior ambience. 

Inspired by the life-giving beauty of plants, IVY Table is an elegant light precise in craftsmanship all the way down to the smallest detail.

Graceful and precise in detail, IVY Floor grows and climbs ever upwards in the interior.

IVY Single offers nearly endless possibilities for unique lighting compositions.  

Just like a plant climbing up a wall, so too does IVY Wall grow and embrace the beauty of nature. 

IVY, a diverse collection inspired by the life-giving beauty and strength of nature, is expanded with Ivy Ceiling for yet another distinctive interior lighting application.   

The new nomadic light IVY Table Battery by the designer of the collection Lucie Koldova is exceptional thanks to its battery, which lets you take the light wherever you like.

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