Frame the light with Geometric!

Frame the light with Geometric!

GEOMETRIC - collection of pendants designed by Lenka Damova and Boris Klimek for Brokis, presents the tenderness of light framed with the bold metal shapes.

Designers were invited to work with the brand’s invention – Brokisglass, green material born out of the recycled glass residues from the manufacturing process. It is a material beautiful to look at and it is part of the sustainable and environmentally conscious production cycle Brokis is so strongly devoted to.

Accepting its tactile and visual possibilities, the designers have used the material to embody the light and gave it form and color with LED technology, as well as with artisanal precision inherent with Bohemian arts and crafts for centuries.

Available to be customised according to any project’s needs, these beautiful pendants will create various compositions and color tones and let the light break from their frames to enlighten the space.

And even more – they seem like small pieces of perfect colorful order in this unpredictable world!

Written by:

Jelena Blagojević, Creative/Art Director @ Alba Sales Consulting







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