Green terraces of Fukuoka

Green terraces of Fukuoka

Terraced green roof of the Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall is located at the end of Tenjin Central park in city center, extending the green area, leading it to the top of the building from where it is possible to take a panoramic view of the city and mountains surrounding it.


Architect Emilio Ambasz, one of the pioneers of green architecture, designed the concept of the new building and its green cover in 1994. Approachable from the park, the green roof is an area open to the public, while the entrance of the building is located on the opposite side, accessible from the street.


The green roof is planted with 120 species, with around 50000 plants, and contains green areas for relax, meditation and places to escape from urban congestion. Watering is provided from water pools on terraces, so the green roof is sustaining itself independently from the building.

Images: Creative Commons / Wikimedia  



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