Petite Friture / Tavla collection is expanding!

Petite Friture / Tavla collection is expanding!

The Tavla collection is expanding !

Tavla inspiration comes from the personal story of Léa, who is part Iranian, and has been admiring the work on backgammon tables, Tavla being the Iranian word for backgammon. Léa Padovani, member of the Studio Pool duo alongside Sébastien Kieffer, has delved into her Iranian origins to create a modern take on these « game tables ».


With the Tavla table collection, Petite Friture reasserts the value of the traditional technique of marquetry by bringing in a modern twist.

The collection, which is composed of a large extendable table, a round table, now spans a coffee table.

Tavla_2_-_Petite_Friture.jpg  Tavla_3_-_Petite_Friture.jpg


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