Wall&decò / New OUT System collection

Wall&decò / New OUT System collection

The Milanese urban landscape welcomes the settings of the new OUT System 2022 collection by Wall&decò.

6 the new graphics, in a transversal scouting of walls and facades that involves both historic buildings and more recent structures aimed at showing the dual expressive power of OUT System: on the one hand to enhance the intrinsic beauty of the buildings, on the other to bring them to new life through a real aesthetic redevelopment.

OUT System is the innovative outdoor wallpaper resistant to rain, yellowing and anti-smog properties!


With a maximum thickness of 1 mm, which can be applied on concrete walls, cement plaster, plasterboard for exteriors and with thermal insulation, guaranteed for 5 years against color fading and 10 years for adhesion power, it complies with fire reaction regulations. class B s1 d0. It is suitable for external facades, patios and terraces, both in residential and contract environments.






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