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From advanced concept to complete project and, at the same time, open to new future developments. The Outdoor collection, made up of new elements that closely follow what was presented at the Agape headquarters in 2019, arrives at a time that underlines with particular emphasis the importance of our physicality and the relationships with our private spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

The collection, now available, includes revised versions of iconic products, such as Vieques, Carrara and Ufo, and new elements, united by a deep search for innovative materials and finishes suitable for outdoor use. The Cementoskin®, advanced cement resistant to any type of dirt used in the Petra series, Merendi-Vencato design, is flanked by Petit Granit marble, a limestone from Belgium characterized by streaks and shades of gray / black, hard and resistant that enhances the appearance sculptural design of Angelo Mangiarotti's Bijhon1 and Bijhon2 washbasins, and the lightness of the Ell washbasin, design Benedini Associati, Diego Cisi, Andrés Jost. Formal essentiality and easy functionality are best expressed in the surprising Open-Air and Amuleto showers, designed by Benedini Associati.

With the Outdoor collection, Agape extends the boundaries of the bathroom environment to the outside, where the blue of the sky and the rustle of trees become the natural and ideal complement of the Agape experience.




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