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I have always looked at the brands that we have chosen to promote, diffuse and sell in Eastern Europe countries as explorers, who have decided to follow unusual paths, not at all easy, to venture into unknown prairies, to make unconventional choices of materials, forms, dimensions, measures, and mix of all this. Set off to find a faster route to the Indies, they end up discovering a new continent, followed immediately by a plethora of imitators. This was for example the case of Agape, already in the second half of the 1990s, in which it baptized and engineered washbasins, accessories and complements for the bold and innovative bathroom, made of marine plywood, something never seen before in a bathroom. Agape was among the first, if not the first, to anticipate the trends of the modern bathroom, ensuring the necessary functions within the bathroom through clear, elegant design choices, with an absolutely innovative and original sign. Another merit, among others, of Agape was that of giving a central role to free-standing bathtubs made with new materials, once again, conceived and developed in order to be light, elegant, captivating, mouldable, flexible. Today Agape has become like a gym where some of the most important designers from all over the world test themselves, called to interpret and read the future of the bathroom moving within a program that stands out for its consistency and under the sign of maximum elegance.




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