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Alba Sales Consulting East Europe Agency was established in 2006 with the aim of promoting the excellence of Made in Italy design in Eastern European countries.

Our history expresses our time and represents our culture, it is the history of affirmation of taste, technology, imagination, creativity, knowledge, which have made Italy famous in the world and have imposed a habit worldwide.

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Tale of a future with deep roots

Over the years, Alba Sales Consulting has promoted culture of good design with its multinational team of collaborators.

We particularly value the extraordinary executive capacity of the laboratories and craft workshops of our country, and the wealth of simple and ingenious ideas that contribute to making the homes of millions of individuals comfortable and pleasant, the choice of finishes based on charm and on the elegance of the precious materials used, the cultural content of projects signed by world-famous designers, and the history of objects marked by a simple and direct language, synthetic in form and truly innovative in substance, timeless and consistent beyond fashion.

Over the years Alba Sales Consulting has propagated design culture through an increasingly large and more multinational team of collaborators. We have met, incorporated, valued excellence from other countries, European and non-European, advising and supporting several Italian and non-Italian companies in the start-up phase, investing in talent scouting processes, since investing in talent helps to grow and innovate. We try to act as an original schedule in which different knowledge and experiences come together.

Our selection captures the spirit of the time, it is a journey through the research and appreciation of new talents, designers, artists, graphic designers, whose fresh ideas give life to environments, and to artisans and small artisan businesses, whose skills transform creative visions in reality.

We have met, incorporated and enhanced excellence from other European and non-European countries, advising and supporting many young companies, both Italian and non-Italian, in the start-up phase, investing in talent scouting processes, as investing in talent helps to grow and innovate. We consciously select programs and collections that promote a strictly ethical, aesthetical and environmentally friendly supply chain.

In order to respond to the needs of increasingly demanding, prepared, global and international clientele, we offer the elements for interior decoration and architecture with characteristics of marked originality and innovation, responding also to the emerging trend of an Italian-inspired design lifestyle & Italian Way of Life.


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