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Puro collection

Puro collection by Brokis is a range of achitectural lights designed by Lucie Koldova, aimed to decorate the space, but also to give it enough quality light. Puro offers atmospheric room lighting as well as lighting for offices, hospitality interiors, boutiques, showrooms, and private dining areas.
Puro collection comes in matt opal white or smoke grey glass, but it is possible to choose from a wide range of custom colours.
Puro collection contains five models:
Puro Eclectic – offers variously adjustable diagonal and intercommunicating glass tubes.
Puro Spotlight - minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendant lights
Puro Solo – tubular light inspired by the form of the cigar, often combined with Puro Spotlight.
Puro Eclectic - a suspension light composition comprising handblown Puro tubes adjustable in diagonal and intercommunicating constelations.
Puro Sparkle – a pendant that levitates in space and dominates the interior landscape. A real light sculpture and the embodiment of positive energy.


Planets collection

Designed by: Vrtiška & Žák

The Planets collection is inspired by historical lights, but reflects the contemporary needs of designers and architects to have an ever-changing and modern expression. To provide this, designers have used a system of pulleys and counterweights. They adjust the heights of lights in the composition in an infinite number of variations. The shades are designed as monochromatic, in matte glass and black metal components, with fabric power cables. The glass shades are crafted in elementary geometric shapes: sphere, cone, and capsule.


Brokis Sky Office

The goal of the Sky Office project was to develop a timeless space for creative firms with a common ecosystem where employees feel at ease in. The project features 16 lighting collections, including the newest collections Overlay, Prisma, Double, and Orbis, presented over more than 1,200 m2 of office space.

BROKIS SKY Office was created in collaboration with the studios Salaris and Suprema. Brokis' art director, Lucie Koldova, also worked very closely on the overall design. The architecture of the building is natural and underscores the views of the surrounding Manhattan skyline, which contrasts with the inviting interiors of the offices.




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